We pride ourselves on the excellent relationship we have with schools, parents and pupils.  Below is a collection of our testimonials:

Reid's Digital Music has worked with the school since 2013. They have provided fantastic opportunities for children from our school and the wider community to experience digital technology and its application to music and other creative avenues. Providers are very professional, inspiring and a joy to work with. I hope to maintain and develop our relationship in the future and cannot recommend them highly enough!

- Steve Rees, Headteacher Evenlode Primary School

Fairfield primary school has really benefited from having RDM as part of the school. The team have worked with a variety of children across KS2 in curriculum projects and have inspired them through their innovative and exciting lessons, with all children producing an end product to be proud of. The after school music technology club is a real asset to the school’s programme of activities and the highly trained staff deliver a variety of projects that engage the children at all levels. We are thrilled that they are a part of our team here at Fairfield.

- Alison James, Teacher at Fairfield Primary

My Year 3’s were absolutely engrossed in their workshop and were so proud of their remixed versions of the Monster song. It has inspired them to use Garageband themselves to create their own songs and given me a clear focus for the next task to progress their new digital musical skills.

- Mrs Mayor, Cogan Primary

I have been really impressed with the compositions Joe has produced at the end of each term, they have been very different and sounded incredibly professional. I can tell he has learnt many different things during the sessions and he is always very keen to tell you what he has done at the end of each week (which is not true for everything he does). I know that he really enjoys it and is keen to continue and chooses this over football (Which again for Joe is high praise).

- Dawn Casey, Fairfield Primary Parent

I have had an enjoyable sense of achievement being able to compose an original song. The course has helped me prepare for GCSEs. The creative use of these IT packages is good preparation for any future career.

- Harry Job, Olchfa Comprehensive Pupil

Harry has thoroughly enjoyed his digital music lessons, the course has helped him to gain new skills in composing and appraising music, as well as introducing him to a new IT packages. This creative project has resulted in him producing his own digital piece of music.

- Claire Job, Olchfa Comprehensive Parent

My son has been studying music technology with RDM for about four years. He really enjoys the lessons and has learnt how different sounds blend together. He's always been interested in music and now he can create his own tracks. It has broadened his knowledge and given him the practical skills to use complex software.

- Sarah Collinson, Stanwell Parent

Reid's digital music is an innovative and exciting way to explore music. My son really enjoys the lessons and is full of enthusiasm for the music he produces .

- Kath Poddar , Stanwell School Parent

I look forward to my private lessons and find them very enjoyable. Alastair fully understands my musical taste and has not only helped me understand how to reproduce the music I enjoy but has taught me how to make unique and very creative digital music that I could not find on the Internet. The lessons are structured around what I want to learn rather than what he wants to teach me. Thank you.

- Joe James, Cardiff

After buying a small sampler for my son, and him struggling to reproduce mixes similar to modern Hip-Hop, I booked private lessons with Reid's Digital Music. Within months under Alastair's instructions, my son's technical skills have improved greatly and he can not only reproduce very technical samples with ease but fully understands the process of digital music production. I fully recommend Reid's Digital Music, thank you for teaching my son a skill he'll enjoy forever.

- Julian James, Cardiff

Jacob and Isaac have loved the digital music classes this term. It combines their love of technology with a growing interest in music. We have been amazed by the music they have produced.

- Bethan Fanshaw, Victoria Primary Parent

My son is in year 9 of Olchfa and joined the after school RDM course late last year. I had no idea he was interested or even had any aptitude for music at all. My son by nature doesn’t and hasn’t up until this point wanted to get involved in any extra curricula activities within the school. He has enjoyed this course immensely and in a recent GCSE choices meeting I was astounded to hear that he has been advised to take music as one of his subjects and that the work undertaken on this course can count towards his final mark. I feel that attending this course has not only given him a new skill set but has also boosted his self-confidence and assisted in him forming new friendships.

- Colette Leleu- Olchfa Comprehensive Parent,

Music Tech is brilliant! We should be able to do more of it in school. You get to create your own music and play around with it to get it to sound how you like it.

- Angus, Evenlode Primary Pupil

I strongly believe that music in any form should be a larger part of the school curriculum. Music Tech helps develop and enhance a child's musicality, creativity and IT skills as well as discussing and learning about musical genres. Angus has really enjoyed small group learning and excellent teaching and is always eager to tell us how many phrases and their content he has composed each lesson. I would highly recommend Reid's Digital Music in providing music technology lessons to all children.

- Fay McCaffer, Evenlode Primary Parent

Our son is very digitally minded - though by no means hugely musical. At least, we didn't think so. But he loved the digital music sessions, and produced some really impressive work. It released his inner composer.

- Gideon Calder, Fairfield Primary Parent

Aimee thoroughly enjoys her digital music course. It is her favourite after school activity, which faces tough competition with Gymnastics, Tennis, Minecraft club and Choir!

- Victoria Humphries, Evenlode Primary Parent

After a spell of a few years away from music for various reasons I decided to reignite my musical passion through electronic music. As a novice to producing music in this way I had (and have) lots to learn. I have had several lessons with Alastair who has helped me along my journey. He is clear and concise in the way he imparts his knowledge onto others and has a good knack for breaking the very technical aspects of electronic music production down into layman's terms.

- TJ Ashley, Cardiff

I began RDM Music Technology lessons way back in Year 9 and continued with it right the way to the end of Year 11. I am now studying the Music Tech A-level and tutor the younger pupils in the after-school lessons. Throughout my time attending the sessions, I learnt a broad range of valuable information surrounding music production; from the basics of Reason to the intricate details of how sound travels, along with lots of production techniques and tricks to achieve the best possible sound on my tracks. Without the RDM's tutoring, I don't believe that I would have taken the Music Tech A-level. I feel confident with the subject as I have had so much prior knowledge of the subject and aim to further develop my recording and mixing skills to produce bigger and better tunes.

- Joe Valek, Stanwell School Student

I started learning music technology through RDM when I was 12 years of age and have learned an array of skills and techniques that have enabled me to easily create my own music. I now study the music tech at A-level and the knowledge gained from RDM has really helped me through the course. I plan to continue developing my own music.

- Jamie Cross, Stanwell School Student