Reid’s Digital Music provides digital music tuition for people of all ages and abilities. Our aim is to provide the technical knowledge to enable an individual to apply their unique and creative ideas to digital music production.

We have been operating since 2013 to provide after school digital music clubs for pupils wishing to develop their technical and creative abilities. The art of digital music production is beneficial to the overall learning of young people due to its links with Maths and Science. It also contributes to the development of key skills and we continue to introduce this exciting and challenging subject to more schools and pupils each year.

The use of digital technology is significant in the creation of contemporary music and this technology has never been as accessible as it is today. Thus, our services also benefit adults seeking a creative outlet as well as those looking to learn specific production techniques. All our tutors are fully immersed in the art of music production for which they have a genuine passion and are enthusiastic in passing on their knowledge to our clients.